About us

Who are we?

Erik and Hilde, married since 1985.

Our family:

  • three children and their partners: Jenthe and Kelly, Jana and Nils, Janko and Inge;
  • two granddaughters: Merel and Roxane;
  • two dogs: Xuki and Jarik;
  • a handful of chickens, until a hungry fox came by;
  • a swarm of bees from our daughter-beekeeper Jana.

After a few wanderings, we found a permanent home in the Elzestraat in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium. Erik comes from a family of ten, Hilde from a family of seven. Our hobbies are reading, writing, walking, cycling, music, photography, but most of all exploring the world.

“Our hobby is exploring the world”

Har Tzlakhot
Har Tzlakhot, Israel

Fortunately, we have a common preference for a certain way of traveling: with the backpack, with public transport and between the local population. You can accommodate our way of traveling under the category low budget.

From the beginning we already made reports about our travels. No practical matters, but rather our experiences. First on paper, in recent years it changed into online blogs that Erik wrote mostly. From 2015 the pictures are for the most part of Hilde’s hand.

We only write when we are travelling, present-day.

See you on our way.

Hilde and Erik



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We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.